Festival "Baltica 2015" goes to Latgale

Many of International folklore festival "Baltica 2015" events will take place in Latgale - in Rēzekne and Rēzekne region.

Latgale lies on that side of Latvia where the sun rises earliest and sets twice – mirrored on the still blue waters of its lakes. The soul of Latgale resounds in its clay jugs fired in the kilns of the local potters. One can hear Latgale’s soul in the singing celebrating the Virgin Mary at the village crucifixes in the month of May. It echoes constantly at early summer morning working bees when neighbours gather on fields and meadows.

Latgale is permeated with sincere and faithful people who have retained their open affinity with the natural cycles of the seasons. It’s in Latgale that the European Union truly begins. And that’s where Latvia truly begins. It is in Latgale, between the broad lakes called Rāzna and Lubāna that one finds the district of Rēzekne. The reknown local writer Jānis Klīdzējs once said: ”There’s no place quite like it anywhere else on earth.”

Anna Rancāne