Songbook of International Folklore Festival ‘Baltica 2015’

The Songbook of International Folklore Festival ‘Baltica 2015’ is now available.

It comprises 53 folk songs from all the historic regions of Latvia. The Songbook was created by folk group leaders from all Latvia who were both sending in melodies and also selecting the most popular and most commonly sung songs.

‘Singing of the ‘dowry’ of regional songs will be one of the most important events in various festival ‘Baltica 2015’ situations. It is an opportunity to express our love for singing and mutual harmony. This collection of folk songs urges to see the value of folk songs, their simple elegance and usability with an emphasis on each person's joy to sing, as well as on creating of a rich, diverse ‘dowry’ of songs,’ says the author of the artistic concept of International Folklore Festival ‘Baltica 2015’, Mg. philol. Māra Mellēna.

The Songbook is available at the Latvian National Centre for Culture (in Riga, Pils laukums 4) and it will be sold also during the festival ‘Baltica 2015’ events.

International Folklore Festival ‘Baltica 2015’ will take place in Latvia from July 15 to July 19, 2015. The theme of the festival will be ‘Heritage’.

There will be a possibility to sing the songs from the Songbook together with singers from all over Latvia during the ‘Baltica 2015’ Communal singing event on July 17 on Riga canal-sides at the Latvian National Opera and on July 18 in Rēzekne Festival Park.

Festival ‘Baltica’ is an important event for the Baltic nations and states demonstrating traditional cultural values ​​- songs, instrumental music, stories, games, dances, as well as folk applied art, crafts, and other forms of expression of national culture and art.
The participants of the festival will be ethnographic ensembles, folk groups, folk music groups, storytellers and other individual performers. International folklore festival ‘Baltica’ is organized by the Latvian National Centre for Culture in cooperation with local municipalities.