The Heritage

"Baltica 2015" theme is Heritage.

Festival "Baltica" is a heritage and a tradition. A tradition belonging to everyone, a tradition to be cherished, thoroughly inspected and wisely readjusted to meet the needs of today. It is to be demonstrated to oneself and to the world with self-respect, to be renewed, perfected and guided through ages. And as always when we are preparing to show something of our HERITAGE to the rest of the world, it implies responsibility – to considerately select the best, to look forward with understanding, to perceive and shape the situation, tastefully combine compatible and appropriate things.

This responsibility is a call for challenge. As the HERITAGE is abundant - through time side by side there dwell old-time ploughs set up on signposts and cartwheels, there are objects of lost or transformed value and application. And there is ‘lumber’, the value and former application of which is not clear. There are treasures and remains together: old tuneful instruments that should be dusted and require a skillful player: there are some instruments to be repaired and the remains of instruments, cankered by the borer – time that will never be played again. All that belongs to our HERITAGE - and everything there is valuable. Our responsibility is - to see this value and to show it to others.

Artistic director - Māra Mellēna