Janchi Madang

Janchi Madang is Korean Traditional Percussion performance group. It was established in 1992 and is a specialized art team known for its great instrumental abilities, creativity, and performance skills located in Incheon Metropolitan City.

In order to pass along Korean traditional plays, we present many programs such as creative percussion instruments performance, fusion crossover performances, offering tradittional play classes, and instituting Korean classical music (Gukak) stages while focusing on songs, dances, music, and plays. 

In 2000 Seoul Drum Festival, JAN CHI MA DANG won the first prize, in 2009 group won the best performance in Montoir, France, Korean best innovation & traditional brands awards in 2010. Janchi Madang were designated by Korean government as a Social company in 2010. 

Group always try to discover more about Korean traditional plays and create new ideas of them to make it well known all around the world.