Folklore-ethnographic Group HATOVICHI from Hotynichi Rural House of Culture


The group was founded in 1976 by Maria Zelvich who, after graduating from the Mogilev Culture Education Establishment, was assigned the position of Director of Hotynichi House of Culture. There she first heard the distinctive Hotynichi local songs. And already the first concert brought a lot of success. In 1994 for the creative
contribution to the development of culture, the ensemble was awarded the title ‘National Amateur Art Group of the Republic of Belarus’.
Currently, the work is continued by Tatiana Buikevich. The team is working on classification and collection of local songs, games, folklore, on revival of traditions and ceremonies. The new songs that have been recorded from villagers enrich the rites ‘Kolyady’ (Christmas), ‘Gukanne Vesny’ (Calling of Spring), ‘Kupalje’ (Midsummer), ‘Krestiny’ (Christening), ‘Novoselje’(Housewarming), ‘Svadjba’ (Wedding) and others. The group’s repertoire comprises over 60 songs.
The group members restore their costumes themselves, they are engaged in artistic weaving of belts, weaving cloth, embroidery. They pass these skills on to the younger generation, visit local schools and take part in educational hours. The group also has a children’s folk group - Rodnichok.