Archaic men’s singing group LÜÜ-TÜRR

LÜÜ-TÜRR is an archaic men’s singing group which came together in 2012 in Aruküla – a small borough in Harju County.
In the autumn of 2011, two men from Aruküla (Tiit Saare and Jako Reinaste – also the founders of the group) started a weekly singing gathering for men. At first only few men joined but the word spread and soon there were around ten men meeting weekly.
The group performs Estonian regilaul – traditional ancient Estonian folksongs. The songs are from North Estonia, South Estonia and West Estonia, but also contemporary folksongs and bawdy songs from all over Estonia. The name of the group is derived from a bird called öösorr. LÜÜ-TÜRR is one of several ethnic names of this bird.

Tiit Saare, Jako Reinaste, Kalmer Kaasiku, Jaan Palu, Alari Kruusvall, Andrus Rähni,
Olev Rähni, Jürnas Rähni, Guido Liiskmann, Tiit Reeder, Tauno Nava, Erik Sikk