Žemaitija National Park Folklore Ensemble PLATELĒ

Žemaitija National Park Folklore Ensemble PLATELĒ was founded in 1994. The leader of the ensemble is Aivaras Alminas. At present, there are 28 people in the ensemble. Some families take part in this group. The musicians of the folk group play the traditional instruments. The folklore ensemble presents the songs and dances of Plateliai region (the west of Lithuania). Lithuanian National Radio and Television recorded some songs of PLATELĒ in 1996. The first audiocassette was made in 1998, and the CD album was made in 2010.

The folklore ensemble has taken part in the Lithuanian Song and Dance Celebration. Also, PLATELĒ took part in different folk festivals and holidays in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Finland and Poland.

Every year the folklore ensemble PLATELĒ organises traditional holidays such as St, John‘s Feast (June 23-24) and Shrovetide (February, March). In summer, concerts and dances are organised. The folk costumes are made according to the authentic samples of this region.